Facebook Video Downloader Online


Facebook video downloader Online

Facebook is an amazing social media platform to interact with your friends and others. Over the years Facebook has gained a lot of popularity and is rated as one of the best social media sites. You can share almost anything on Facebook right from videos to images, posts etc with your friends and Facebook video downloader Online. You can enjoy watching videos, posting pictures, interacting with friends via Facebook. You can do everything and anything till the time you are online. If you want to share videos via Facebook you can use YouTube or other sites. What if you want to download a particular video and save it to be used in future? This is possible through video downloader. fb downloader will find a plenty of video downloader online that help you download video, but out of all others, Facebook video downloader is considered as the most secure and simple to download video downloader.

About Facebook Video Downloader

  Every day thousands of Facebook users engage in sharing videos and interact with their friends. But, Facebook doesn’t provide any option to download videos. Yes, you can save the videos to watch them later. Now, if you want to watch the videos later, you need to access the internet. Now, this won’t be a problem at all as Facebook video downloader allows you to download any Facebook video and watch it later even while you are offline.   There is nothing complicated to understand the concept of Facebook video downloader. It helps you download a single video at one time via Facebook. The tool is quite helpful and you can access it for free. Yes, it is absolutely free with no hidden rules and regulations.    How does it work Facebook Video Downloader?  Facebook video downloader is certainly a perfect tool that helps you download your favourite videos through Facebook feed to any other digital devices like your tablet, PC, smart phones etc. Isn’t amazing and super easy? If you want to download a particular Facebook video, just go to the official website of downloader and paste/enter the link of the video you want to download in the given text box.   After entering the URL of the desired video, you can hit the ‘download’ button. The Facebook video will be automatically downloaded to the device you wish to within a few minutes.   Facebook video downloader is quite helpful in situations where the internet connection is quite slow, there is no internet access etc. You can watch the video in offline mode as well.  

How to download a video with the help of Facebook Video downloader?

  You can follow the steps given below to download a video with the help of Facebook video downloader.
  • Open the video you wish to download on FB profile
  • Next, right the video and you will get the option – show the URL of that specific video. Copy the URL.
  • Now head to the Facebook video downloader’s official website.
  • Paste the URL you copied to the website and click on the option- Download
  • You can check to the left hand side and your video is there.
  • Here you will get two options to download. You can download in HD version or even in normal version.
  • After the video is downloaded you can watch in on your Smartphone/laptop etc

Facebook video downloader- Features

  • Facebook video downloader is a fantastic tool that lets you download any video which exist on Facebook. You can download it easily.
  • Facebook video downloader asks you to follow very easy steps to download the video you want and you can enjoy watching it without any issues.
  • Facebook video downloader lets you download the desired video with a single click. It is absolutely secure and there is no fear of malware/virus.
  • Facebook video downloader has an excellent and simple user-friendly interface.

Benefits of Facebook video downloader

  • The tool helps you download any online FB videos and send it with your friends or family through other social media sites like hike/Whatsapp etc.
  • After you download the video it is present on your smart phone or PC in offline mode as well.
  • You can also use your creativity and edit the video to add more fun.
  • Sometimes it costs you a lot (mobile data) to play the desired video online and you have to be patient with streaming time too. But, Facebook video downloader takes away all these hassles and lets you download video in less time and watch it later in offline mode too.
  • Facebook video downloader is completely safe and you do not have to worry about any virus/malware threat when downloading the video.
  • You can download unlimited videos via Facebook video downloader.
  • It is absolutely free to use and you need not pay a single penny from your pocket. Very easy to use.
  • In case your original video online gets deleted you still can have a copy of it on Facebook video downloader.
 Facebook video downloader is incredible and is helpful in case you do not have access to a reliable internet connection with high speed. You can play the desired videos as many times as you want without paying any extra money. You can simply watch the video in offline mode and transfer it to any other device you want.   There is no more waiting or streaming videos for a long period. You can play, pause or forward videos easily without any waiting time. The best thing is that the tool is compatible with all digital devices.   It becomes easy to download public videos and share it with your friends and family. You can watch, share the downloaded video easily without a high speed connection. Of course watching the videos in offline mode saves your mobile data. It is an excellent option that gives you the freedom of watching videos without any hassles. Next, time if you like a video on FB that you want your friends to enjoy to you can switch to Facebook video downloader to dwnload and share it with your friends.